Sunday, August 19, 2007

Monday, August 6, 2007

I moved to South Carolina from California a whole 6 months ago. I love it here, so green and pretty, so humid. I'm looking a little wilted but my ferns sure like it. The people here are friendly and very welcoming. Since my natural tendency is to spend my time either typing away on whatever my current project is, or to wander through the house with my nose in a book, having friendly people who invite you to do something is good. And fun. It was the birthday of one of my neighbors. I've only met her once. She stopped by as I was finishing up a very muddy yard project, but she pretended not to notice the streak of red dirt across my face where I'd whiped away the sweat. People here are very polite. I was careful to present a somewhat better appearance at her lunch. It was fun. I met several new people and some I'd already met, and somehow managed to volunter to help with the holiday heritage house tour.
I leave Friday for California. For the first time, I have a direct flight from Charlotte to LA. I am looking forward to that. For some reason, I have never gotten through Dallas/Fort Worth without a delay, so this should be much better. I have a book signing at Metropolis books, in downtown LA on Saturday, the 11th. Even though I've spent almost 70 years living in California, I have managed to avoid the downtown area, so I am looking forward to this. I'm pretty sure its changed since the red car used to run. So, if you are somewhere near 440 S Main, drop in on Saturday. The rest of my time in CA will be taken up with grandchildren. 7 of them. We are all going to Disneyland. Aged from 11 to 1. They call Disneyland the happiest place on earth. I sure hope so. I wonder if anyone has ever set a mystery in Disneyland, or would that be sacralige?